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I was reading a book by Lynda Barry called Blabber Blabber Blabber: Volume 1 of Everything. Early in her career, she decided to mail out comics she created to her fellow peers. I was inspired by how she connected to others in her field. 
It got me thinking about how as a creative there’s so much pressure to have a good-looking social media profile complete with perfectly polished work. But the downside is that there’s this element of interaction with the content that can have negative mental effects and can lead people, like myself, to only post what we think is worthy of receiving admiration, in the form of likes and comments.
So I thought, let’s do what Lynda Barry did with her creative friends. But instead of physical mail, doing it in an e-mail newsletter. 
If you want to join a community of creatives that are sharing work that is good, bad and ugly, without the pressure of it getting likes on social media. Sign up for the newsletter and contribute your work!

What’s the purpose?

 Not being bound to the masters of social media! We’re making things and sending them in a way that has no need to appeal to an algorithm.
Also to push us all to make the next creative thing we’ve been wanting to make but haven’t had a deadline (once a month) or a community (this newsletter) to push us to make it. 

Why subscribe?

You’ll get to connect with a network of down-to-earth creatives who could only wish the best out of your own creative endeavors. 

Why contribute?

Access to a non-judgmental creative community that will appreciate anything you decide to contribute!
Something to work towards. One of the reasons for making this newsletter was to have a deadline to work towards every month and people that expect something each month. Keeping us all accountable and keeping us all continuing to create whether it’s good bad or ugly. 
How often will this  grace my inbox? 

Once a month! Perhaps more frequently if we can get enough contributors. 

What kind of content can I submit?

Literally, anything you’ve made. Could be a video, a comic strip, a drawing, a song, a storyboard, an article about how defi will soon take over the outdated fiat fiends of the world. Literally anything you’re making. We want to be the ones that push you to make that thing and submit it somewhere. 

How should I submit?

Emailing all your submissions to Garrett@garrettelton.com would be great!
Because email size can be so limited we’re mostly going to try and link out to places. So wherever your video/drawing/article/song is hosted that’s where we’ll send them.

What if I don’t have anywhere to host my stuff?

We can help with that! Just send us what you’ve got and we put it up privately somewhere so only people with the link can view it. 

When will the first one appear in my totally not cluttered email inbox?

Sooner rather later. Hopefully.

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