These are all created through Midjourney without any modification. It's absolutely mind-blowing what this program can do with some simple text prompts.
Prompt: Metropolis, Fritz Lang, Linocut
Prompt: Batman, Cubist
Prompt: Planet of the Apes, Linocut
Prompt: Skull, Cubist
Prompt: cyber bunny samurai, greyscale with accents of red, 3D, unreal engine, 
cinematic render, 8k
Prompt: spaceship, bladerunner, titan fall, unreal engine 5, cinematic render, 8k,
Prompt: vampire, mike mignola, oil, wide shot, crypt
Prompt: chimpanzee in the style of jean michel basquiat
Prompt: futuristic spaceship, bladerunner, linocut
Prompt: spaceship, halftone, comic, intersteller, jack Kirby

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